Disk Clone Wizard Kit 3.3.3

Copy Entire Disk/Partition. Transfer Windows and backup important data!

DiskCloneWizardKitDisk Clone Wizard Kit is used to clone your hard disk drive. It can help you copy all partitions (including Windows and all your files) from one disk to another. Easy to use and a small, fast download.

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Photo Recovery Wizard Kit 5.0

Recover your deleted or lost photo, music, and video files

PhotoRecoverWizardKitPhoto Recovery Wizard Kit is used to recover your deleted or lost photos from hard drive, flash drive and camera SD card. It can help you find lost photos back in a few clicks.

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Disk Backup & Recovery 3.3.0

Backup and restore your Windows and disk/partition!

DataRecoveryForiTunesUltimate disk backup and restore tool. Backup Windows/Disk/Partiton. Restore Windows/Disk/Partition. Migrate Windows. Clone Disk/Partition.

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Disk Wipe Wizard Kit 4.2.4

Wipe partitions and data on hard drive for privacy protection

DiskWipeWizardKitDisk Wipe Wizard Kit is used to wipe your disk drive. It can help you erase partitions and data on disk drive and make them unrecoverable.

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Photo Recovery for Mac 2.1.1

Recover your deleted or lost photos

PhotoRecoveryforMacPhoto Recovery for Mac is a very powerful tool which can help you recover deleted or lost photos from your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac.

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Customers' Review

  • Saray.G (US) May 18, 2010

    Best I have tried, I replaced a 20gb on old laptop with 120 gb new one... went very smooth.

  • C. Klug (US) June 3, 2010

    Made the cloning of my hard drive for the upgrade very simple.

  • Roger (US) June 10, 2010

    This one made a very simple copy of my old drive that worked. I didn't need to re-install Windows 7 or anything else for that matter. It was as simple as making the clone, swapping out the drives and rebooting.