Disk Wipe Wizard Kit 4.2.4

Wipe partitions and data on hard drive for privacy protection

DiskCloneWizardKitDisk Wipe Wizard Kit is used to wipe your disk drive. It can help you erase partitions and data on disk drive and make them unrecoverable. Free Download!


When to use Disk Wipe Wizard Kit?

  • Upgrading to a new disk drive and getting rid of the old one
  • Reselling an old disk drive
  • Other reasons that your wish to protect your privacy

Why to choose Disk Wipe Wizard Kit?

  • Use the most secure data erase algorithm. Your privacy is destoryed permanently after wiping.
  • Fixed hard drive, removable media, flash drive and SD card supported.
  • FAT, NTFS drive supported.
  • No installation. You can run it directly after download.
  • Wizard operation. It' very easy to use.
  • Small program. It's only 2.1 MB.
  • All Windows are supported.