Disk Backup & Recovery 3.3.0

Full disk image backup and copy software!

  • Transfer Windows,
    applications and data.
  • Make an exact copy of disk
    and partition
  • Image disk/partition and
  • Backup Windows and
  • Boot up Windows 8.1/8/7/
  • Rescue crashed computer
    or hard drive
  • Wipe disk/partiton and
    protect your privacy
  • Recover your deleted or
    lost data

Migrate Windows and applications to new HDD or SSD.

Enjoy new hard drive without reinstalling Windows and applications. When upgrading to new hardware, clone your existing hard drive to the new one and adjust the OS to make it bootable again.

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  • Perform migrations with ease: upgrade your hard drive, migrate to new hardware or use your old PC in a virtual enviroment.
  • Move any Windows OS since XP from a regular hard disk to a faster SSD, even of smaller capacity.
  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, including 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Support IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, FireWire, and more.

Make an exact copy of disk drive or partition

Make two disks or partitions have the same data. You can do disk to disk or partition to partition copy. Large capacity disk/partiton can be copyed to smaller one.

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  • Copy one of your drives (e.g., C drive) to another disk drive.
  • Copy an entire hard disk drive to another.
  • Large capacity disk drive can be copyed to smaller one (e.g., 1TB to 500GB).

Image an entire disk drive or partition for backup and restore

Backup your important data - backup all data and files on a disk dirve or patition to a backup archive. You can restore from backup archive when needed.

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  • Backup file, folder, partition or entire hard drive.
  • Backup to various storage devices such as USB, internal hard drive, CD, DVD, ZIP, FireWire, etc.
  • Backup large volume data in minutes.
  • Restore the entire disk's contents in minutes - no reinstallations required.

Backup your Windows system and applications

Backup your Windows OS and its applications to an external image file in case of Windows crash.

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  • Backup your Windows system and applications for disaster recovery.
  • Backup your important data including photos, music, videos, documents, emails, financial data and applications.

Restore Windows and applications

Restore Windows and its applications from backup image without re-installation and activation when your Windows crashes.

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  • Restore your system to former settings.
  • Recover your Windows from disaster.

Boot up your computer

When your computer crashes, cannot enter Windows, or you want to work under boot environment. You can backup, restore and fix your computer in boot environment.

Click to enlarge DiskUltimate - enlargeBoot up Computer

  • Boot up ANY desktop or laptop.
  • Support booting from CD/DVD drive and USB drive.
  • Microsoft authorized WinPE technology.
  • 100% compatible with all computer brands.

Powerful Data Rescue Package

Data Rescue may mean life saving! Lost your 3-year family photos? No way!

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  • Recover data from crashed or damaged hard drive.
  • Recover files from accidentally formatted hard drive.
  • Recover deleted or deep deleted files.
  • Rescue all file format such as photos, music, document etc.
  • Rescue data from various storage devices including hard disk, USB drive, ZIP, removable SmartMedia, MemoryStick, SD cards, camera memory card etc..

Erase history and sensitive data

All data is stored on disk drive, erase disk drive to protect your privacy.

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  • Wipe exactly what you need - whether it's a separate partiton or an entire hard disk.
  • Two wiping algorithms destory all on-disk data, providing the maximum level of security.

Customers' Review

  • Saray.G (US) May 18, 2010

    Best I have tried, I replaced a 20gb on old laptop with 120 gb new one... went very smooth.

  • C. Klug (US) June 3, 2010

    Made the cloning of my hard drive for the upgrade very simple.

  • Roger (US) June 10, 2010

    This one made a very simple copy of my old drive that worked. I didn't need to re-install Windows 7 or anything else for that matter. It was as simple as making the clone, swapping out the drives and rebooting.