Disk Backup & Recovery 3.3.0

Full disk image backup and copy software!

  • Transfer Windows,
    applications and data.
  • Make an exact copy of disk
    and partition
  • Image disk/partition and
  • Backup Windows and
  • Boot up Windows 8.1/8/7/
  • Rescue crashed computer
    or hard drive
  • Wipe disk/partiton and
    protect your privacy
  • Recover your deleted or
    lost data


Windows Backup

Windows Recovery

Windows Migration

Disk Bakcup

Disk Recovery

Disk Clone/Copy

Partition Bakcup

Partition Recovery

Partition Clone/Copy

Create Bootable Disk(LiveCD)

Disk Wipe

Data Recovery

Customers' Review

  • Saray.G (US) May 18, 2010

    Best I have tried, I replaced a 20gb on old laptop with 120 gb new one... went very smooth.

  • C. Klug (US) June 3, 2010

    Made the cloning of my hard drive for the upgrade very simple.

  • Roger (US) June 10, 2010

    This one made a very simple copy of my old drive that worked. I didn't need to re-install Windows 7 or anything else for that matter. It was as simple as making the clone, swapping out the drives and rebooting.