How to upgrade a hard disk drive?

You can clone any hard drive to any other hard drive, provided the target drive meets or exceeds the current capacity in use on the original drive. For example, if you have 20 GB of data on an 80 GB drive, you can clone that drive to any other drive with a capacity of at least 20 GB. This also means you can downgrade as well as upgrade so long as this condition is met. In other words, you could replace a 200-GB drive with a 20-GB drive, as long as the larger drive contained less than 20 GB worth of data.

Also, you can clone from one manufacturer's drive to another; from USB to IDE; from SATA to IDE; from SCSI to PC CARD or IEEE 1394 (Firewire); or any combination thereof. You can clone laptop hard drives to any of these devices, too.

The target drive need not be partitioned or formatted, as the cloning software will take care of this on the fly. But any data on the target drive before cloning will be erased permanently. After cloning, the target drive will be an exact mirror image of the original drive; only the available free space will differ. So before you clone, be sure to check the target drive for any useful data files. Then copy these files to another disk or CD; otherwise, they will be erased and lost forever.

Also, be careful when selecting the source drive. If you accidentally configure the software incorrectly -- for example, setting the target as the source, and the source as the target -- you'll wipe the target drive completely during this process. If that happens, you'll lose every bit and byte of your customers' data.

Please attatch the target drive(How to Install Hard Drive?) to your computer before try disk upgrade.

How to tell from different disks?

Each disk has its capability, interface type and its partitions(partition layout) which contains. You can tell from disks by these information.

How to identify Source Disk?

Source Disk Drive is the disk which you copy partitions and data from. If you are upgrading your hard disk drive, Source Disk Drive is the old disk you are using.

How to identify Destination Disk?

Destination Disk Drive is the disk which you copy partitions and data to. If you are upgrading your hard disk drive, Destination Disk Drive is the new disk you plan to upgrade to.

Customers' Review

  • Disk Clone Wizard Kit

    Best I have tried, I replaced a 20gb on old laptop with 120 gb new one... went very smooth.

    Saray.G (US) May 18, 2010

  • Made the cloning of my hard drive for the upgrade very simple.

    C. Klug (US) June 3, 2010

  • This one made a very simple copy of my old drive that worked. I didn't need to re-install Windows 7 or anything else for that matter. It was as simple as making the clone, swapping out the drives and rebooting.

    Roger (US) June 10, 2010